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All India Parcel Service(AIPS) has partnered with its clients to improve their customers' satisfaction and loyalty. AIPS's warehousing solutions are designed to improve flexibility with minimum risks. Our on-demand product portfolio is in close proximity to the distribution channels. This helps to reduce costs, lead-time, and inventory overheads. Our efficient solutions allow us to add cost reductions, deliver faster time to market and deliver improved productivity.

Whether your company is a start-up, a MNC, or in between, AIPS can respond to your needs with an infrastructure and staffing built for speed, flexibility and partnership.

  • Professional Warehouse Logistics teams to help grow your business.
  • Affordable prices & excellent service 365 days a year!
  • We co-ordinate with your suppliers to give you a hassle free experience.
  • We develop affordable logistics plans for storage.


AIPS offers Part Load services for cargos on dedicated delivery basis across India, n including the north eastern states and Jammu Kashmir It also offer Part Load services for cargoes less than a ton within its branches.AIPS offers up to 15 days storage in its own warehouses at most locations, door delivery and pick up service.


AIPS offers Full Load services in various destinations in. In fact, select any destination from the map of the sub continent and AIPS will deliver for you!

Features of these services include:

  • Time bound Delivery
  • Paid Escort services as per client's demands
  • Specialized Container movement
  • Containerized transportation for fragile cargo
  • Containers available in sizes of 20/32/40 feet
  • Full Load Vehicles available for 9/16/21 tons

Logistics Services

All India Parcel Logistic Services is the specialist in composing tailor made solutions for your transportation needs. We expose a total transportation package, with personalised service at competitive rates. We specializes in crafting efficient and cost effective logistics solutions customized to client’s specific needs. At All India Parcel Services, we focus on core competencies and receive a logistical advantage over the competition.

Air & Express Cargo

All India Parcel Services is a complete service provider for Transportation and Logistics Solutions. With a network of offices both in Chennai and Portblair, and a team of highly competent professionals, we ensure that your cargo gets the care it deserves till it reaches its destination. Our air freight services give you flexibility and speed when you move valuable time-sensitive goods. To support our cargo operations, we have a highly skilled and experienced team of professionals backed by our Training division of international repute to constantly upgrade skills of our personnel.

Home Packing

Home packing needs special care as many of the cherished items of the family members are not only expensive but also have zero tolerance to jerks. Our services are meant to pack your household belongings including clothes, linen, mattress, lampshades, Kitchen appliances, Crockery, silverware and utensil, pots and pans, Tupperware, bake ware, glassware, Interior decorative items, paintings, and ceramic items. Electronic items like computers, micro oven, and music system with adequate care. We use air bubble sheets, corrugated boxes, Water proof sheets, Stretch films, thermo coal sheets and strap rolls for utmost safety of your house hold.

Office Packing Services

If you think moving out or into an office are a cumbersome task – take a break. We will do it for you with ease! An office packing service involves packing countless file cabinets, desks, chairs, all sensitive computer equipments, high-tech machinery and other innumerable office belongings. Our professional packers do the job with aplomb and move them safely to your desired destinations.

Unpacking Services

Unpacking Services also known as destination services is not only tedious but also time consuming. Once goods are packed and moved to their respective destination, the next crucial job is that of unpacking. Unpacking service should be really prompt and quick and our professional unpacking services provide the required assistance to carefully unpack the goods and also avoid any sort of misplacement of goods.

Our professionals pick up the materials for unpacking where the movers stop. Our well trained professionals unpack boxes and wash the goods if needed and arrange them at the proper place or as directed by the customer.