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Transportation touches every aspect of our lives either directly or indirectly. Whether it involves our own movement or the movement of goods and perishables consumed by us. It is difficult to envisage our world without transportation. You just cannot do without Transportation All India Parcel Services(AIPS) was started by promoters with more years of experience of the Logistics Industry and a passionate belief of transforming lives through transportation, a belief that transportation offers services to the country like the arteries supplying blood to the body.

AIPS continued focus on modernization of its infrastructure and with a team professionals and complete computerization of all processes and operations, has helped it grow rapidly, offering seamless and customer centric services irrespective of client size or the volume of business. This focused attitude has helped AIPS grow cumulatively.To evolve as the market leaders in Transport & Logistics sector, by providing premier logistics services with a professional edge.We shall provide Customer satisfaction by augmenting their business through Proactive & Innovative solution & Quality Services


We shall provide "PROMPT & PERSONALISED SERVICES" in Transportation & Logistics, through our extensive network, management team employees by continuous improvement & value addition. Enhance "CUSTOMER SATISFACTION "by identifying communicating, training and promoting the use of quality principles, concepts and technologies.

AIPS today have numbers of vehicles, trucks and trailers in addition to dedicated attached vehicles. It has its own forklifts, cranes and material handling equipment at various locations and also possesses hosting capabilities at various heights and rooftops through mechanized chain pulleys and cranes.AIPS has fully serviced and operational major transhipment hubs at strategic locations and region wise services including Guwahati and Jammu.